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Tobie & Debbie’s Journey


Our journey began a long time ago AND with another person who God put in our respective paths at that time. However, with our life experiences, we were prepared for the partner we currently have. Since the day we first started talking via email, we have found so many situations where it has seemed as if we had been married to each other all those years. We woul

d like to share our stories with you as well as honor our former spouses as we do. Our intent is to also give you hope that God will take care of you no matter which area your loss has been in. He will provide for all your needs and will direct your path if you will open your heart and mind to Him, get your “self” out of the way and let Him do His work in and through you.

Just as James 4:13-15 tells us we don’t know what tomorrow will hold, Debbie and Tobie both found this to be true as the Lord brought them together. They didn’t know what to expect as they began the search for someone they wanted to spend their lives with. Both of them experienced people who apparently were not ready to commit to a relationship or were just in it for themselves which was pretty discouraging. While they had been taking their search before the Lord, they began to be more in earnest about it bringing in others to pray with them in a more concerted effort. One day, Debbie sent and email asking Tobie about his wife and what happened with her. He replied to her and she responding sharing her story. They felt an immediate connection and a mutual understanding with each other about their losses. They eventually met face to face and began to develop a friendship as their shared more and more about themselves with each other. Debbie had told Tobie she was never able to make it past the second date and asked if he wanted to have a second date so she would know whether to move on or not,. He assured her that as far as he was concerned, there would not only be a second, but a third and more beyond that. As they saw each other more and more, they found that the things they had been praying about and looking for in a potential mate were to be found in each other. From that point, they began to talk more about a relationship, how they wanted it to develop and what they were looking for over the long term. They found they were compatible in so many areas in part because of their relationships with their former spouses and in part because of life experiences. As they shared these bits of information with each other, they began to know they wanted to share their lives with each other.

On December 11, Tobie and Debbie attended a Christmas party hosted by Debbie’s employer. After all the festivities had settled down, they found a quiet spot and Tobie asked Debbie to be his wife to which she said yes. Since that time, they have been working to bridge the gap in an effort to blend their two families together. They know any time such an endeavor is attempted, it isn’t an easy task, but they also know they have the Lord on their side.

Building on the experience of loss for them and their families, they feel led to minister to others who have lost someone in order to give them hope and direction and sharing the stories and testimonies of others who want to bring a glimmer of light and a knowledge that they are not alone and they can pick up the pieces and experience life and joy again.

Tobie felt he was blessed with the life he had with Kelli, but he didn’t realize he could be so blessed a second time by having someone as special as Debbie come into his life. She is his motivation and the light of his life. He feels she is someone who completes him in so many ways. He wants to share his life with her and be everything to her he can be. He is looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for both of them and how He will lead them to perform it. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Tobie and Deb,
    I knew you were special for each other, and now I realize why . and
    that is because you have ask God to direct your paths. You have
    quite a ministry, May God continue to bless your family. Love always,
    Auntie Nadine

    Comment by Nadine — July 25, 2009 @ 6:00 pm |Reply

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