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Loss of a Friend

We have all had a friend who was special to us. Some have had more than one special friend and some of those are still with us. I have had a good number of friends, however, I don’t want to try and list them all mostly due to lack of space, but I don’t want to take the chance of forgetting someone and offending them should they by chance read this. I would like to mention two people who have been and are special in my life as far as friends go. One of them is still around. His name is Kenny. We have been friends since November, 1971. We nearly lost Kenny a few months ago when he had a stroke. He is less than a month older than I am. It was quite a blow to hear about his stroke after losing my wife a year or so before. From what I understand, after talking to his daughter, he is recovering and doing pretty good, but still needs prayer and therapy. My other friend was named David Peters. I met David a few years after I met Kenny. I had a different friendship with David than with Kenny, mainly because I went to church with David. David was about six months older than me. I didn’t see David for a couple of years on a regular basis because he would go to live with his dad every once in while. However, when I did get to see David, we picked up right where we left off and had some of our best moments as friends during those times. Then, in 1976, David was at a function with his church. He went swimming with some friends in a local farm pond near where the function was being held. All of a sudden, he went under and didn’t resurface. Eventually,  his body was found, but it was too late. I had lost relatives and people I went to church with before that, but had not lost anyone as close as David. I hurt inside for a long time in a way I never had before and still have pangs of sorrow and grief on occasion when I remember him. Just as with any loss, it doesn’t matter how long ago the loss occurred or what the relationship was, the pain never goes away. It was a different pain than when I lost my wife, but it was painful nonetheless. Now, after experiencing the pain of losing my wife, it has helped to know it is all right to experience pain when I remember someone even though that person was a friend and not a blood relative, however, some friends are closer than relatives merely because of proximity which makes the relationship with them even more special. David and Jonathan, in the Old Testament, had such a relationship. Because of their relationship and friendship, David took care of Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, as his own. Friendships are special and it is nice to know we can remember and honor those friends whether they are gone or still with us. It should help us to remember to take advantage of the time with those who are still with us. – Tobie

I wanted to update this page. I mentioned Kenny had suffered a stroke a while back. Eventually, Kenny lost his battle trying to recover and he went home to be with his Lord. We held a memorial service and had a good number of people show up to share how he had touched their lives. He is missed greatly by all who knew him. – Tobie

Do you have a story that you would like to share of how/what helped you get through experiencing this loss?


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