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Loss of a Child

Every person is someone’s child. Every loss of a loved one is important. We never want to downplay any one loss compared to another. It has recently been brought to our attention how much it means to lose a child compared to another type of loss. It is especially difficult to lose a child when you are older than the child and they go before you. The general thought by the parent is that “…it wasn’t supposed to be that way, I was supposed to go first.” This has been voiced by every parent with which we have ever spoken who has lost their child early on. One reason is for the parent, the child can never be replaced. Of course, this holds true with any loss. Whereas an adult who loses a spouse can find someone to fill the void in their life, this does not hold true for the parent. Whether the parent’s loss is an infant or an adult child, the void in the parent’s heart will always be present no matter how much time passes.

(Tobie:) I have preached a number of funerals for people of all ages. None are ever easy, but probably one of the most difficult was for my god-daughter’s son who was an infant. There are so many reasons why an infant can die. In some cases the reason is known, but when the parents don’t have an explanation, it makes the loss that much harder. All one can do is reassure the parents that it was not their fault, that there was nothing they could do to prevent the death. All the Scripture and words one can think of can only provide a salve to the heart, but knowing the infant is perfect and in the presence of God can make all the difference over any effort of solace another human can provide.

Do you have a story that you would like to share of how/what helped you get through experiencing this loss?


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