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For the Widow

The Bible has many verses about widows and how they are to be treated. One of the most well-known widows of all who has a book of the Bible named after her is Ruth. Ruth lost her husband and instead of returning to her own land went  back to live with her mother-in-law Naomi (Ruth 1). Ruth is also in the lineage of Christ through her marriage with Boaz. Widows are held in high regard in the scriptures and still seem to be so in today’s society. Some women in today’s society have the means and knowledge of what to do to take care of themselves when they lose their husband. Many who are up in years do not and need someone to help them in a number of areas. We hope to be able to list some things we feel widows need to know on this page in the same way we want to have information for the widower. Some of the information may be repeated between the two, however, we hope to give different enough information between the two so each may be able to distinguish what applies to them in their particular situation.  Also, just as for the widower, we have a page where you can tell your story and make comments about what others have written. There are some things which we might put on one page, but not the other for sake of space and too much repetition so you might look at each page and see if something there applies to you or gives you comfort. We are all individual in our hurts and feelings, but can share the understanding of loss no matter which heading it falls under and can give support with our thoughts and words, so please feel free to share on the “comments” page where others may have the opportunity to “share” in your journey as you grieve and heal.

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