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Continuing the Journey

On this page, Tobie and Debbie will share thoughts which come to them as they feel the Lord speaking to them and which they feel might inspire and guide the reader to think about things in a different light and with new hope as they continue the journey after loss.

One thing which has come to mind about dealing with loss and grief and taking the time to deal with it in order to begin and work through the healing process is what perspective we put on time. I remember, while Kelli was in the hospital after suffering her first stroke, beginning to “numb down” to all sense of time. It all seemed to run together. Someone might ask me if I had eaten or had the opportunity to take a shower or even grab a moment of rest, if even a few minutes or hours of sleep. I don’t remember all of my responses, but I might respond, “I’ll do that in a little bit. I want to make sure Kelli is all right,” or, “I’m not hungry” even though it was late at night and I might not have eaten since early that morning. I was aware enough to not go without totally as I had plenty of friends and family coming through and staying with us ’til all hours just to make sure we were all right. I lost some noticeable weight during those ten days while she was in the hospital before she suffered her second stroke and went home to be with the Lord and for a few weeks to follow (you couldn’t tell it now) because of the stress and strain which I was under. Once I returned to work, I had co-workers asking me the same things. Someone would ask me how I was doing – how I was coping – and I would ask them what time it was because I was taking things a minute at a time because time was that precious to me. Eventually, it ran into hours and then days as I learned to deal with the time better. It isn’t that time is any less precious than when I was taking things minute by minute  because time is just as precious to me now, if not more so, as I continue the journey through life with the wonderful blessing of a wife whom God provided me with in Debbie. I have learned and am still learning to take it a step at a time and a day at at time and once in a while I go back to the minute by minute because I want to experience, enjoy and savor the moment or time which I am in at that particular moment. God has been so good to me and I praise Him for the opportunity to experience life and all it brings with each new day. – Tobie

I want to share more and will soon, but I heard something a while back when I overheard a conversation where the main question asked was, “Is this all there is?” – Tobie

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